a) Translation - A great final product always begins with an even better translation. We understand just how important it is to preserve the original text, complete with cultural subtleties and nuances. To this end, skilled and diverse teams of translators work efficiently to transform copy from its original state, to the language of your choice. Our translators are professional and have a wealth of experience involving television, film, and radio copy.

b) Transcription - If the original script is not available, our translation department can provide a transcription, based upon a copy of the original product. The transcription is then put through a translation and editing process, to prepare it for voice-over or foreign language dubbing.

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c) Sub-titling - Online sub-titling may be the method you choose to transmit your product to a foreign audience. After our translation department goes to work on your document, it is then edited and formatted for sub-titling. The final locking of text to your master tape is done utilizing leading edge technology developed by our associate company, Media Watchers Limited, in Hong Kong.

d) Editing - After a script is translated, it is passed on to our re-writing department. An editor fluent in the translated language checks it for grammatical and stylistic flow. The editor also ensures that the script precisely matches the length of the dialogue in a programme, and that it adheres to any on-screen time-coding. This two-step process of translation and editing ensures the quality script you need for a quality product.

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e) Dubbing - This is a precise process. It begins with a script that follows time-coding and ends with the actors' ability to understand timing and characterization. Our dubbing teams are unlike any other in North America. They are highly skilled, professional actors with extensive performance backgrounds in film, television, and radio. Our actors have collectively logged an average of 25,000 hours of in-studio time per year, providing characterization for films, television dramas, and animation.

f) Voice-over - Like our dubbing teams, our voice-over talent has a strong background in multi-media performance. Multi-Lingual Productions has served clients requiring voice-overs for documentary subjects, travelogues, radio and television commercials, as well as sporting events.


g) Casting - Our voice casting department selects voices from our pool of talent. Casting decisions are based upon an original character's vocal range. We pride ourselves in the ability to find just the right voice for each character. It is this selection process, as well as our actors' performances, that create a high-quality, finished product. If there is a particular voice type that you would like for your project, we can secure that for you. Our close proximity to the largest pool of performer talent in Canada makes this a fairly simple task.

h) Direction - In order to pull all facets of your production together, we employ session directors and supervisors. Their job is to oversee the entire production of your project. They ultimately ensure that the actors' voices match all on-screen characters' lip movements, while delivering a quality performance. This "quality control" assures us that we provide you with a professional, finished product every time, on time.