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Why Choose Multi-Lingual Productions
a) Affordable Pricing - High quality, cost-effective solutions have always been important to business and that holds true for the field of entertainment. Multi-Lingual Productions is committed to delivering the quality your product deserves, at extremely competitive prices. We are a multi-national organization with associate companies in both Asia and Europe. Our primary workload comes to us from the highly competitive Asian market. In order to stay ahead of competing companies, we have had to learn to operate at a very high rate of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This means that we can afford to offer you a wealth of experience and professionalism at a fraction of current market prices.

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b) Quality Assurance - When it comes to our product, it stands to reason that the more one works at a particular skill the more proficient one becomes. Since much of our work comes from Asia where dubbing, sub-titling, and voice-over work are big business, we have the distinction of producing large volumes of high-quality work. Most of our performers individually log over 3,000 hours of in-studio time per year.  In comparison with similar companies throughout North America, this number is staggering. Unlike the old adage, "Practice makes perfect" we believe, "Perfect practice makes perfect".

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c) Hands on Approach - Unlike other competitors in the field, Multi-Lingual Productions completes the entire process in-house. This way we can oversee every step of the project development. We also encourage our clients to have an active role in this process. With one phone call, we can place you in contact with a translator, script editor, technician, session supervisor, or casting director. We understand that many projects are time-sensitive, with strict deadlines that must be met. We believe this method allows you to make last-minute changes or modifications without affecting your schedule.

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d) Our Team of Professionals - From the ground up, Multi-Lingual Productions derives its strength from individuals who know this business. Each member of the Multi-Lingual Productions team possesses a wealth of domestic and international programming knowledge. It is the shared application of this expertise that makes Multi-Lingual Productions a diversified, professional, and personalized company, one that is fast-becoming a leader in the world market.

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